• Airwork “mini hands” pneumatic grippers

    New pneumatic grippers from Simmatic

    Automation specialist Simmatic has been appointed as a UK distributor for Airwork “mini hands” pneumatic grippers. This versatile and comprehensive range of grippers offers attractive and cost-effective solutions for product manipulation and pick-and-place applications, particularly where space is at a premium, and where vacuum grippers are not suitable.   Airwork grippers from Simmatic are available […]

  • Simmatic puts level compensator and vacuum pump in one body

    Pumps in the latest VCS range from vacuum expert Simmatic combine in the same body; a high-efficiency vacuum pump with no moving parts and a level compensator that allows the pump, when used with a lifting cup, to pick up items of different heights, or place at different levels. With both of these key components […]

  • MPM vacuum pump

    Simmatic launches quiet vacuum pumps for larger applications

    Vacuum technology expert Simmatic has launched its new MPM range of versatile pumps that can produce vacuum flows as high as 5,700 Nl/m, making them ideal for use in the most demanding manufacturing and packaging applications. Powered by compressed air, these innovative pumps are exceptionally quiet in operation and offer stable, reliable operation even with […]

  • VD Pumps vacuum pumps

    Simmatic VD pumps are the all-in-one solution

    Vacuum pumps in the latest VD range from Simmatic provide all of the functionality needed for a typical vacuum system in a single compact unit. The need for separate valves, manifolds and other ancillary components, along with the pipework to interconnect them, is eliminated. This simplifies systems design and provides big savings in assembly time […]

  • V Grip system - vacuum grippers

    Simmatic gets a grip on oddly shaped objects

    The latest V-Grip range of foam-faced grippers from vacuum experts Simmatic provides a convenient and effective solution to the problem of reliably picking up irregularly shaped and porous objects. V-Grip grippers need only a compressed air supply to operate and can confidently be used to pick up even the most delicate of objects with minimal […]

  • See the Magic Pump in action!

    You can now see one of Simmatic’s most popular products, the M3000 Magic Pump, in action here or on YouTube. A 3D animation will show you how the component parts of the pump fit together and how you can rotate and orient these components to provide your preferred configuration and port arrangement. You’ll also see the […]

  • Simmatic's Green Range vacuum pumps

    Green Pumps from Simmatic are the hygienic option

    Eco-friendly operation and integrated dust filters make the new Green Pump range of vacuum pumps from Simmatic an ideal choice for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in other applications where hygienic operation is an essential requirement. Green Pumps feature compact and lightweight yet robust construction, which makes them easy to […]

  • VMECA VD vacuum pump

    Simmatic customers get big benefits from new website

    Users of VMECA vacuum products, which are supplied and supported in the UK by Simmatic, are now able to benefit from a new and improved VMECA website. The new site, which can be accessed at, offers quick and intuitive access to 3D and 2D CAD data for the company’s extensive range of products. It […]

  • Vacuum pumps from Simmatic are magically versatile!

    The latest M3000 range of Magic vacuum pumps from Simmatic offer exceptional versatility in a compact format that allows them to be easily accommodated even in applications where space is at a premium. The patented design of the pumps provide multiple vacuum ports that enable the orientation of major components to be chosen to make […]

  • Magic suction cups from Simmatic

    Simmatic adds a little magic to suction cups

    The latest family of Magic suction cups from vacuum expert Simmatic feature an innovative modular design that allows cups for an enormous range of uses to be assembled quickly easily and economically – without the use of tools –from a small range of components. All types have suction lips that can be readily replaced if […]

  • Pneumatic safety application

    Designed with safety in mind

    While not a health and safety consultant, Simmatic can often apply its expertise in pneumatic and vacuum systems to enhance the safety of industrial processes, as was recently demonstrated in an application for a polyurethane moulding machine. The machine essentially comprises a large and heavy split tool that is used to form sheets of polyurethane […]