Author: Alison Skibinski

Versatile Magic Gripper

Here’s a fast, stable pick & place solution for wet wipe packs – using VMECA’s sponge Magic Gripper with vacuum pump & suction cups…

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Easter is nearly here! 🐣

As Easter is just around the corner: We’re demonstrating VMECA’s Spider Speeder with a Magic Cup and P-Lip attachment. The SC pump has an integrated check valve on the vacuum…

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VMECA’s Magic Pump / Vacuum Generator

Introducing this multifunctional, adaptable, configurable, lightweight product: Compact, quiet and easy to install Quick vacuum response time for high speed applications Rotatable structure to fit individual space requirements High performance…

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Simmatic in collaboration with CWM

Watch our latest video showing the result of Simmatic’s collaboration with CWM Automation: Delta Robots with VMECA’s vacuum suction cups – demonstrating a consistent pick and place solution for handling…

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Simmatic Official Partner Certificate - Aircomp Automation - Stampotecnica

Official Partner Announcement for 2021

Simmatic are delighted to announce their official partnership with Aircomp Automation division of Stampotecnica – suppliers of the filter regulators used on our bespoke assembly line…    

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VMECA Magic Suction Cups

FDA Approved Vacuum Cups

VMECA’s suction cups can handle food directly, watch the video to find out more. All vacuum lips are now available in metal detectable and FDA food grade quality silicon and…

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VTC100 Vacuum Conveyor

VMECA Vacuum Conveyor VTC100

Here Simmatic are demonstrating the VMECA VTC100 316 Stainless Steel and ATEX Vacuum Conveyor, using red lentils, at Al Maya International, Hemel Hempstead. This model’s maximum capacity is 1 ton…

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VMECA’s Magic Grippers fitted with level compensators

Box Making Machinery

This week’s video is highlighting box making machinery together with the adaptability of VMECA’s Magic Grippers fitted with level compensators. Handles various box sizes using one tool and increases efficiency.…

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