Non Marking Cups

  • Non marking suction cups for glass applications

    James Bond-worthy grippers

    We’ve all seen those James Bond films where the suave 007 spy enters the compound of some villain by gracefully climbing glass walls… Dressed in a black turtleneck and using some high power suction cups he smoothly travels upward, without leaving the slightest trace behind. But just imagine for a second that Bond did not […]

  • Non Contact Floating Suction Cup

    VMECAs New Non Contact Floating Suction cups incorporate a patented Multi-Suction System, achieving Large Vacuum Flows and powerful suction force, upto 1.49kg / Cup without touching the product. As the NF Series Vacuum cups have no moving parts and integrated Multi-Suction System the air consumption is lower than similar Bernouli alternatives, such as the Rexroth […]