• Design Your Own Multi Stage Vacuum Generator

    The increasing demand on Design engineers of vacuum handling equipment, to develop faster, lighter and lower cost vacuum solutions, can give problems sourcing equipment that will integrate neatly into the tighter design constraints of their new design. Simmatic have a solution, the VMECA vacuum cartridges. These Vacuum devices are the integral parts of much of the […]

  • Bulk Bag Discharge and Vacuum Conveyors

    January 2012 has seen Simmatic supply and install two 316 Stainless Steel Vacuum Conveyors and a single Bulk Bag Discharge Station for transferring beverage powder with Nitrogen. Simmatic were asked to supply a complete solution from Bulk Bags of product at one end and delivering measured quantities to two filling machines, a Nitrogen can filling […]

  • New Premises for Simmatic Automation

    It was so good to finally move into our Larger Premises in December 2011, we now have so much more room, the old premises were beginning to feel very cramped. Simmatic’s new home is Unit 11, Grinnall Business Centre, Sandy Lane, Stourport On Severn, Worcestershire DY13 9QB. All other contact Information such as Telephone Numbers, […]

  • Festo VAS Vacuum Cups are no longer available

    Festo have discontinued their range of VAS Vacuum cups and left many companies looking for alternatives. We have succesfully replaced VAS-40-1/4-PUR Part Number 36138 with the VMECA Polyurethane Vacuum Cup, Part Number VF-40-PU-1/4M. Other sizes are available on request, please contact Simmatic Automation Ltd for more information.

  • Vacuum Universal Ball Joint

    For those applications that require a a means of angular compliance, Simmatic can offer a range of Vacuum Ball Joints that will give articulated movement over 24 degrees. They are supplied with male and female thread connections suitable for direct mounting to Suction cups. They are fitted as standard with protective gaiter for dusty environments. […]

  • Oval Elongated Bellows Vacuum Cups

    Simmatic have launched three new sizes to their VMECA range of Oval Bellows Vacuum Cups. The VOBF series vacuum pads are suitable for handling long narrow surfaces, flat or curved, such as round bar and tube sections. The advantage of Oval, Rectangular or oblong vacuum cups is the increased surface area contact with the product giving […]

  • VMECA Vgrip complete vacuum gripper

    VMECA New Intelligent VGRIP System is a Vacuum Gripper that is able to adapt itself to variable sizes and shapes of product. The VGRIP incorporates vacuum efficiency valves that minimise the vacuum losses in open areas of the vacuum pad maximising the vacuum flow where it is needed. Manual choke valves can be included to […]

  • KPS Bag Opening Vacuum Cups

    Simmatic KPS Bag opening cups are designed for handling Thin Films, Paper and plastic. The Cross moulded into the face of the vacuum cup supports the material, minimising creasing and loss of vacuum. These Vacuum cups come in various sizes and materials to suit each application.

  • Multihead Vacuum Gripper

    Vmeca Mega Turtle pumps replace rotary vane and  venturi type vacuum systems. The Multistage air operated vacuum pump outperformed and simplified a multihead gripper picking up flat components of various sizes on an outgoing conveyor. The vacuum pumps operate upto 20 off 15 diameter cups pressed into a flat sheet of vacuum sponge. The Simmatic […]

  • Depanning or Depanner Vacuum Cups

    Simmatic are pleased to offer a range of Metal detectable food safe, extra soft Silicon Vacuum Cups. Available with Fixing Retainers and Tool for fast fitting to Vacuum Belts etc for De-panning Bread, cakes and other bakery products. Available in different sizes with cone or flat top. Please call Simmatic for full details and prices

  • Multistage VMECA Vacuum pump replaces Rotary Vane

    Simmatic Automation were asked to come up with a solution for the replacement of Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum pumps. The Rotary Vane pumps were a cause of regular maintenance on SAG Pick and Place equipment and the cost of repair of £600 every 12 months was too expensive. VMECA VTMM200 Air Operated Multi Stage Vacuum Pumps were fitted. Unlike the Rotary Vane […]