• Mega Turtle Vacuum Pump

    Simmatic are pleased to announce the release of the New VMECA Mega Turtle Pump for the UK market. This totally unique Multi Stage Vacuum Pump uses VMECA cartridge technology to achieve High Vacuum Flows upto 1364l/min Max Vacuum to -93kPa at 4bar. The Integral Pleated Polyester Filter gives a large surface area and has the option of […]

  • Simmatic – Vtec Hannover 2009

    At the Hannover 2009 Messe in Germany, Simmatic and VTEC (VMECA) cement their relationship for providing Innovative Vacuum solutions to UK industry. Shown here President of VMECA Korea Mr H Young Cho and Dale Simmonds, Director of Simmatic UK.  As part of Simmatics rapid growth, and support to its increasing customer base. Simmatic will be appointing carefully […]

  • Vacuum Lifter

    Working in conjunction with Hagata, a vacuum handling specialist in Poland. Simmatic have helped develope a cost effective Vacuum Lifter Working on 12 Volt with a Max Lifting capacity of 210kg. The Vacuum Lifter can handle flat Sheets of glass, Steel and Non Porous Board to a maximum size of 3200mm x 2250mm. Designed to be […]

  • Vacuum Cup Ball Joint, Vacuum Locked

    Conventional ball or cardanic joints, used for positioning vacuum cups flat to a surface have no locking mechanism to hold the desired position. Simmatic have released the new Vtec Valock system which uses a linear level compensator and cardanic joint that lock in position as vacuum is created in the system. This allows the gripper to hold a given […]

  • Compressed Air Saving Device for Vacuum Ejectors

    With rising electricity and oil prices, manufacturers are having to look at more effective methods of saving money. Certain types of venturi vacuum ejectors can be very thirsty on air. By replacing these types of pumps to Multi Ejectors the pumps can run at lower pressures and generate upto 6 times more vacuum flow. This can be improved even […]

  • 2D and 3D CAD for Vacuum Cups & Pumps

    In addition to our standard catalogue and data sheets, Simmatic have uploaded CAD data for Vacuum Cups, Pumps and Accessories. Visit our full range of vacuum cups and go to downloads. Available in 2D and 3D by product, easy to select and download.

  • Non Marking Vacuum Cups

    Piab 30 Dia Flat Vacuum cups Part No 0101358, alternative Vtec VF30WPU-18M Vtec White Polyurethane vacuum cups are recommended for applications requiring minimal mark, where conventional materials such as silicone and nitrile can leave small residual kiss marks on finished surfaces. Kiss marks are not always easy to see, but in the glass industry if […]

  • Piab Vacuum Cup Alternatives

    If you are concerned about replacing your Piab vacuum cups with a dimensionally interchangeable product, then we have the answer. Many of the Piab products are directly interchangeable from Piab to Vtec. You can use the cross reference chart on this link: http://www.vacuumpumpusa.com/VacuumPumps/v-tec%20crossover%20list.html alternatively you can call Simmatic where we would be happy to advise.

  • Trumpf Vacuum Cup Replacements

    This week we have had a large steel company asking for replacements for special Schmalz vacuum cups 200mm Dia fitted to Trumpf equipment. The Trumpf replacements were on a long lead time and the customer required replacements quickly, a solution was required where a replacement could be dropped in without too much engineering. Simmatic replaced the […]

  • Vacuum Cups

    Here at Simmatic we are going to try and talk about vacuum cups and applications. We get regular calls into the office from companies trying to source alternatives to vacuum cups fitted to machinery, either their current supplier is too expensive, or the brand they are looking for has no representation or is failing to […]