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Magic Gripper

The Magic Gripper is unique to the vacuum handling market. This clever innovation from VMECA takes the already very successful configurable Magic Cup and offers it coupled directly to a carefully measured vacuum source so, a tailored gripper specific to the project’s demands can be created from one line of products, the Magic Gripper.

The gripper only evacuates vacuum between the built-in vacuum cartridge to the cup face, giving instant response once supplied with compressed air. Because the size of the gripper can be honed to the application, it’s not wasteful with energy due to oversizing, equally, when large flows are required, the body allows full bore flow through it with no restrictions associated with pipework and fittings.

Where systems need multiple points of contact several cups, each magic gripper is generating its own vacuum and is working independently, so a cup failure or poor contact from 1 cup doesn’t compromise the other cups.

For a complete end of arm solution VMECA have dedicated aluminum extrusion which not only presents the gripper, it acts as an air distribution manifold, further reducing the requirement for fittings simplifying installation.

So if its handling bags boxes, films foils foods, glass, steel wood or laminates, jars to bottles start with the Magic Gripper.

Eco-friendly Materials

The magic Gripper can be redeployed onto different machinery rather than scrapped though, when that’s not possible, a recent study found that 95% of the materials used to produce the Magic Gripper are recyclable, so if a machine or robot reaches obsolescence you can be certain of the end of life impact of the gripper is minimal.