Smart Suction Cups

Smart Suction Cups

Technical data

  • Wide angle (Max. angle ±21°)
  • Always returns back to center position
  • No need for tools and screws to assemble or disassemble
  • Integrated low friction Level Compensator
    (Type ..’L20’)
  • Spiral Spring (Triangle Shaped) is compressed
  • with no extra wasted space. (Type ..’L20’)
  • Easily interchanges with other cup styles


See the videos below for a demonstration of the Smart Suction Cups in action. You will also find a link for the Smart Suction Cups at the bottom of the page.

Download the Smart Suction Cups Catalogs below.

Download Pdf – Smart Suction Cups

Download Pdf – VBF-C Series

Download Pdf – FCF-C Series

Download Pdf – FCF Series

Download Pdf – VDF-C