Versatile VMECA Magic Grippers

Versatile VMECA’s Magic Grippers

To celebrate 25th National BBQ Week.. Simmatic Automation are showing how versatile VMECA’s Magic Grippers can be. Vacuum handling prepacked flatbreads, wraps and chilli sauce. We have a very successful…

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FDA Approved Cups

FDA Approved Vacuum Solutions

VMECA’s suction cups can handle food (including chocolate) directly – watch our video to find out more. All VMECA vacuum lips are now available in metal detectable and FDA approved…

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VTCX Series

World Turtle Day is May 23rd 🐢

World Turtle Day is May 23rd, Simmatic Automation are delighted to promote VMECA’s New Mega Turtle Pump with optional Air Saving Kit. This totally unique multistage vacuum pump uses VMECA…

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Versatile Magic Gripper

Here’s a fast, stable pick & place solution for wet wipe packs – using VMECA’s sponge Magic Gripper with vacuum pump & suction cups…

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